Boho Central Coast Elopement In San Luis Obispo, California| Kacee + Zak

This Boho Central Coast Elopement in San Luis Obispo was what dreams are made of! The skies literally looked like cotton candy and watching Kacee and Zak run along the sandy beaches during their elopement was a literal dream for me! We had to take several breaks just to take in the amazing sunset that evening. Don’t even get me started on how stunning these two were! They were so laid back, which I absolutly adored and they were just down to have fun together and make this time 100000% about them and their love for each other!

We started off in the most magical and almost fairy tale looking forest before heading out to the coastline for some golden hour photos. I loved how gentle and kind Zak was towards Kacee. It was so sweet to just sit back and watch them interact with each and capture the whole thing! I loved that Kacee chose the most magical location for them to just be themselves. Her boho dress ( THOSE FLOWY SLEEVES HAD MY JAW ON THE FLOOR) it was so simple yet so beautiful. The lace details, butterfly hair clips, white converse, her boho and colorful bouquet that so perfectly coordinated with Zak’s tux was just the cherry on tip of this gorgeous but intimate elopement. These are my people and I cannot even contain my excitement when capturing weddings or elopement for my couples who are so genuinely laid back and value intimate time with each other. I love that they are ready to run along the beach t golden hour and capture all the crazy goodness that comes with that. I absoltley adore the central coast and get so excited for these central coast elopements

Don’t think that just because you are getting married you have to conform to the “normal wedding” do what sparks you and you significant other the most joy!! If that means a small gathering of your closest friends and family then DO THAT! if it means just the two of you in a magical location that means so much to the two of you then GO FOR IT! don’t let society trick you into thinking you have to go into debt or waste all of your hard earned savings to have your typical wedding. You can still have a beautiful and intimate wedding day without all of the extra fluff.



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