Boho Maternity Session In San Luis Obispo, California

I was so excited to have connected with soon to be mama, Jordy through the good old Instagram. I would be traveling to California and we planned to do a dreamy boho styled maternity shoot. I have visited my favorite city, San Luis Obispo, since I was about 5 weeks old. This place is truly my second home. It’s where my creativity leaps and bounds and my heart fills. I could gush on and on about this city but I’ll save that for another time. Just know, that if you are ever traveling to CA and plan to be on the central coast VISIT THIS PLACE! or don’t and it will be my little gem of a secret forever 🙂

Jordy is an incredible mama to-be. We have similar style (that bohemian coastal vibe) and I knew right away that her and her husband ,Thomas, would be absolutely perfect. We set up and time and day and I hoped we would get the gorgeous golden sunset but that evening we actually had quite a bit of misty fog. I was a little worried but it ended up being the PERFECT weather to shoot in. Seriously, if you’re a photographer do not be afraid of weather. It makes for dramatic skies and something a little different than that “golden hour” look so many people are shooting. Don’t get me wrong…I chase the sun and dream about that golden hour light but this was equally as dreamy.

Gorgeous mama
The central coast gets me every time.
Bohemian Maternity shoot with a central coast vibe.
Lover her Bohemian vibes and coastal style.

I absolutely adored Jordy + Thomas and left feeling like they were my best friends. I actually told her I was so sad we didn’t live closer. I just loved their free-spirited and fun energy. I can wait to be back here in November working on some other really exciting things for my business!

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