Newborn Lifestyle Session | Colorado Springs | Arlo + Family

Coming in hot on this Monday afternoon with Arlo’s newborn lifestyle session! I first met Sam and Jason about 4  years ago through mutual friends. They both have fun and easy personalities, so it was not hard to enjoy their company! We became quick friends and I have so enjoyed seeing them through the years, but even more so I have loved photographing and watching their family grow! I started taking their photos when their oldest, Stella, was about a 6 months old. We started with mommy and me photos around 6 months, a milk bath session around 8 months, 1 year photos, Sam’s maternity photos and now Arlo’s newborn lifestyle session.

I absolutely love being a photographer

My main reason for that is the relationships I get to have through this awesome career. It feels sacred that I can witness and capture the intimate and big moments in another persons life. Not many people can say they have the opportunity to do that for work. It gives what I do purpose, meaning and depth.

The night before our session Colorado Springs had a pretty decent amount of snow. I had to dig myself out to get there, but it was SO WORTH IT. It was pretty dreamy, guys. The window in the nursery was frosted over and you could see all of the snow outside. I showed up and they were all cozied up ta home with Arlo. Jason and Stella were getting ready to make coffee together, something they really enjoy doing with each other every day. Sam walked down the stairs with Arlo, who was the tiniest sweetest little thing! I have two of my own, but you totally forget just how small they are when they are first born or those little cooing and rooting noises they make. ALL the heart eyes for this baby boy!


Becoming a parent is one the the hardest and most rewarding jobs out there. It has stretched me thin and at times made me question my very own sanity, but it also brought out really beautiful parts in myself I didn’t know existed. I’m more confident, I am strong, I am able.. just to list a few. Essentially being a mom has bled into everything I do and everything I am. Sam and Jason are wonderful parents and waited a long time for both of their babies. I just know they are soaking it all in. It’s a beautiful time in life and one I am so thankful I get to capture.










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